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Speed Advantage Training Inc

What do these training camps do?

We provide speed advantage training with specialized equipment and enhanced drills. This leads to more dynamic and agile athletes. It also involves mentally strengthening your team for a "sweat together, win together" mindset.


Try a FREE clinic before the camp.

If you're considering pursuing a camp, we offer a free clinic to allow you to see what we can do for you.

Who can attend?

Our camps can be for one team, one sport, or for a whole school. This includes both female and male sports on all levels. We even work with younger ages, training them before they reach the next level in their sport.

How do I get a camp for my team?

Contact us to see if we can set up a camp near you or if you can come to another location. We are flexible and we want to work with you. We offer a FREE clinic to show you what we do, so you can fully understand before we start a camp.

We currently offer 15 training camps throughout the year at 12 different locations. Contact us if you're interested in having a training camp near you.

Training camps offered year round

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Sign up for a FREE clinic today!

Our affordable training camps can come to your school. We work with all sports, athletes, and ability levels. Sign up for a FREE clinic in order to experience what our camps offer.

*A minimum of 30 Athletes are required

2020 Summer Camps

Pennridge Football All Sports Lehigh University Palisades High School Pleasant Valley L.V.B.C Southern Lehigh High School Southern Columbia High School Dunmore

2020 Spring Camps

Lehigh All Sports Spring Camp

*Please click on camp for details and registration form

*Please click on camp for details and registration form

2019-20 Winter Camps

Lehigh All Sports Winter Camp

*Please click on camp for details and registration form

All camps are open to any/all athletes!

*Limited by camp size and age

Please feel free to contact us about camp status
Due to COVID-19, our spring camp has been canceled

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